About us

3 Screen Brand Activation was formed as a group in 2008 as part of Eurasian Marketing Communication Group (www.emcg.com). At the end of 2009 3SBA has separated from EMCG and now we are independent group of 3 small agencies with BIG ambitious. Each agency has brought together thoroughly selected BIG idea specialists.
3SBA team consists of highly skilled practitioners with BIG experience in BIG agencies in positioning and developing BIG brands, aligning marketing channels with audiences and getting BIG results.

Our Philosophy

We know how to balance SMALL and BIG. Being SMALL our team enjoy effectiveness: in cost, in time, in service, in relationship.

We leave BIG for: ideas, accountability, commitment, result.

We do not need to be big to be strong. Being strong means being creative and passionate. What sticks us together is passion about combining logic and magic to create live experiential brand activations that get noticed, get through and brings business success to our clients.

What We Do

As advisors, 3SBA offers strategic counsel based on rock-solid judgment and extensive experience to help companies and brands engage key audiences and customers. In a constantly changing media landscape, we go beyond traditional choices and beyond expectations.

As advocates, we aggressively represent the interests of our clients in both time-proven and creative ways. Advising and advocacy are core, traditional services of our industry, but digital media have created an opportunity for us to be, and also create, activists for our clients and their ideas.

The effects of our activist communications in a digital age can be dramatic and powerful, helping us motivate influential audiences and achieve lasting business success.

Advisors. Advocates. Activists. It’who we are, and what we do.

Our Services

We set high standards for ourselves to pioneer new concepts, push for innovation, and drive positive results for Russian and international clients.

3SBA services we offer include:

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Communication and Creative Strategy
  • Web Design
  • TV Production